mindset training

what is mindset training?

Mindset training is a developmental process that involves an athlete exploring and addressing the mental factors that affect performance. This includes developing various skills related to the “mental game” such as effective goal setting, building self-awareness, regulating stress and emotions, cultivating confidence, resetting after on the field errors, building resilience, imagery (visualization), managing self-talk, distraction control (focus), utilizing pre-performance routines.

In addition to building these mental skills, mindset training also includes the process of self-exploration and self-discovery.  This is an internal, individual effort that encourages  an athlete to begin thinking about thinking.  To gain an understanding and an awareness of how their thoughts impact performance.  It is a reflection on personal goals, sources of motivation and meaning and purpose as an athlete.  

our mindset training services

1:1 Mindset Training

Following a free consultation, athletes explore deeply all aspects of mental performance enhancement. Sessions are crafted to address individual performance barriers and to assist in an athlete’s journey towards self-awareness. An athlete’s mentality can be impacted immediately but a sustainable shift towards effective thought patterns during competition typically comes after ~10, 50min sessions;

Session Details:

  • Approx: 50 minutes
  • Once a week for the first 5 sessions
  • 100% Confidential
  • Virtual or In-person sessions

Team Mindset Training

Athans Performance Coaching delivers keynote and workshop-style educational programs to drive your team toward excellence, together. APC will design a training program that is customized to the needs of your team. Team training packages are organized to fit seamlessly into your team’s schedule either as a “one-off” session or as a multi-session package to compliment an off-season strength and conditioning training or delivered at strategic points during the season.

Topics include:

  • Team Cohesion: Setting culture, aligning on goals and shared values
  • Foundational Mental Toughness: Understanding the relationship between thoughts and performance
  • Exploring Mental performance skills: building confidence and team-belief, distraction control, managing effective self-talk, stress and emotion regulation

Session Details:

  • 75-90 minutes
  • Interactive and reflective
  • In-person or Virtual (zoom)
  • Full teams or small groups
  • Single or multiple sessions (typically booked in 4-session bundles)