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Athans Performance Coaching operates at the intersection of athletic achievement and personal development.

1. Understand Yourself

Organize your life around a set of values and principles that are uniquely you. From the very first conversation, an athlete will begin the journey toward self-awareness and performance enhancement.

  • Identify your values
  • Uncover true sources of motivation
  • Set long and short-term goals
  • Build self-awareness in and out of competition

2. Identify Barriers to Optimal Performance

Pin down the exact thought patterns that affect your performance.

  • Pre-competition nervousness
  • Ineffective thinking: self-doubt, fear of failure, lack of confidence
  • Concentration
  • Emotion regulation
  • Lifestyle modifications – sleeping, eating, self-esteem, time management motivation concerns
  • Resetting after errors

3. Cultivate Habits of Peak Performers

Set the conditions so that your mindset is working for you.

  • Develop an effective pre-competition routine
  • Recognize and reframe ineffective thought patterns
    • Use your inner voice as an ally
  • Gain self-awareness
    • Understand what success means to you
    • Uncover sources of motivation
    • Articulate values that you want to play and live by
  • Develop the ability to reset after mistakes
  • Deep focus on the right thing at the right time
  • Unshakeable self-belief
  • Enhance toughness and resilience
  • Regulate Emotions and manage stress
  • Endure failure


Peter Athans, M.Ed, CMPC, CSCS

Peter’s passion for optimizing mental and physical performance in sport began where one might expect it to – on the playing field. As a 5 year-old he fell in love with the sport of football and it guided most decisions that he made for the next 20 years. He played football (as well as wrestled and ran track) at Ocean Township High School on the Jersey Shore. From there, he went on to become an All-American at Sacred Heart University, and eventually played professionally on several arena football teams across the United States and in Europe for several years afterwards.

Following a fulfilling athletic career, he earned a Master’s Degree in sport psychology at Boston University. Over the past 2 decades Pete has held positions at world class training institutions serving on the strength and conditioning staff at West Point, Harvard, Boston University and the New York Giants; and as a Cognitive Enhancement Specialist serving Special Operators in the US Army. Additionally, he was an original member of the coaching team at Noom, a mobile health technology company based in NYC. At Noom, his position evolved into overseeing all aspects of Coaching Development for a coaching workforce that spanned across the US. All of these experiences shared the common thread of enhancing performance through the connection between the body and the mind. Peter is deeply committed to supporting performers of all types in realizing optimal performance and discovering the truest version of themselves.

After all of the work he’s done, Peter’s biggest and most rewarding coaching challenge to date has been fatherhood. He lives and trains with his wife and two daughters in the Hudson Valley of New York..

Throughout his career Peter has proudly worked with high level performers at these organizations

I have been working with Pete for about 2 years now. When I started working with him, I was trying to overcome the overwhelming anxiety I would face before matches. As well as dealing with the stress and pressure that’s comes with being a high level athlete. I can confidently say I am in an extremely more optimal spot mentally for my performance. Pete makes it easy for me to have open and honest conversations, that up level my mental game. I have and would continue to recommend him to any athlete!
Julian George
High School Wrestler, Christian Brothers Academy

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What is a TRUE athlete?

TRUE ATHLETES demand everything out of their mind, body and spirit regardless of the “arena” they are performing in. They see the world as both a playground and a training ground. They consider their body an instrument that requires attention and tuning every single day. Their minds, no different.

TRUE ATHLETES pursue greatness, happiness and meaning simultaneously but strongly emphasize the pursuit. They recognize that to endure is to evolve.

TRUE ATHLETES rest often and on purpose. They believe in themselves and their journey even when there are few reasons to believe. They are always crafting a disciplined spirit with the understanding that they are far away from this realization. They are true to their craft, true to their Self and true to the community that surrounds them.

Before I met Pete, I had difficulty dealing with the high expectations I placed upon myself for that upcoming season; with his help, that year culminated in placing eighth at the New Jersey State Tournament. After six years and counting, he has significantly improved my mental strength and resilience with exercises that I regularly implement on and off the wrestling mat. If I didn’t have Pete Athans in my corner, I wouldn’t have achieved distinguished accolades throughout my career.
Peter Wersinger
Div. III Wrestler, The College of New Jersey


Athans Performance Coaching envisions a world where athletes everywhere are deeply committed to the process of building mental strength and becoming self-empowered in and out of competition.


The mission of Athans Performance Coaching is to support athletes everywhere through the process of self-empowerment and mindset training. To create complete human beings who are able to achieve excellence on the field and navigate critical situations in life with enthusiasm, grit and authenticity.